[Campaign Journal] Session XVIII – Leaving the Castle? Grab a Hat


Session XVIII
Day 25
Castle Xyntillan

The Party:
Astaire, wizard
Bandit, rabbitling adventurer
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Lou Normand, mad scientist
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’

Longo, squirreling-at-arms
Ysambeau, laborer
Wagner, laborer


After the battle, Lou flips off the eyeballs. Bandit hides the jar of eyeballs on a chair against a wall behind a tapestry. Longo enters a room with 5 manservants. Ysambeau bosses one around, fails, and gets strangling for his lack of manners! He manages to survive but suffers a horrible scar. The party jumps in and dispatches the servants. Bandit and Longo open the shutters and look into the night out over the grand entrance to the castle. Astaire is almost taken in by the intense stare of Médard Malévol the Mighty’s bust in a shadowy nook. Lou opens up their pocket laboratory and extracts some blue essence from a headless manservant. Wagner and Ysambeau refill their lanterns.

Shadows dance in the sitting room while Longo and Bandit examine the cracked mirror. While the party waits, the shadows of Ysambeau, Lou, and Jamila coalesce and attack! Bandit leaves the room and runs downstairs towards the grand entrance—only to be ambushed by merry men! Bandit dives through a hail of arrows and survives the ambush, Tugtar rushes in to taunt them, and the battle spreads downstairs. Lou’s strength is drained, upstairs Jamila flees the shadows, also drained of strength, and eventually the tide is turned against the merry men and the party flees from the shadows, past a suprised undead butler gentlemen, and towards the castle doors.

Longo opens the door and warm night air rushes in. The party streams out and Tugtar grabs a coat on the coat rack on the way out—only to be enveloped by a Cloaker instead! A hat floats off the coat rack and lands on Wagner’s head, then beheads him! Stomping boots come out to trip him, and a cane beat on his back, but to no harm. Tugtar manages to esape. Wagner’s body falls to the ground, spilling lantern oil and igniting itself in flames, and that was the last sight the party saw before slamming the door shut and fleeing the castle. The party continues to run until they hear a distant four bells from across the lake, and rested and took lunch. They made it to the priory at the pass by 10:29, according to Bandit’s pocketwatch. Outside Jarl greets them while milking a goat, and inside Ferenc and Ursula asks about the party and missing members. They catch up and then sleep through the day, and awake in the evening to discuss their plans. Meanwhile, Lou’s Geas whispers within him to return to Xyntillan and collect Goatrice blood for Aristide Malévol’s ritual….

likes to live on coatracks

Risks Taken
Astaire examines shadowy bust 50xp
Bandit examines cracked mirror 50xp
Tugtar taunts the merry men to draw their fire 100xp
Jamila fights the shadows to hold the line 200xp

XP Gained (+100 xp)
Astaire = 150 xp
Bandit = 150 xp
Jamila = 300 xp
Lou = 100 xp
Tugtar = 200 xp