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[download] Castle Xyntillan, Rooftops


The Fearless Vampire Killers, Roman Polanski (1967 ...
the original fearless vampire killers

Heed the tale of the chimney-sweep, and beware! The Blind Beast has been seen roaming the shingled slopes! Why does lightning strike the top of the donjon so frequently? Is there a shack on roofs? Run along the rooflines, but if you slip, you may find yourself in danger, or worse!


As an artist relatively new to the game of Dungeons & Dragons, seeing Rob Conley’s layouts for Castle Xyntillan was something I’d never seen before. First, a floorplan that was actually interesting (excepting WInchester Mansion, of course), and secondly, the notion of conveying an object’s shape topographically. I do not normally draw my bowls of fruit in “top-down” layers- so looking at something depicted in such a way immediately encouraged my mind to then imagine the entire structure as I’d normally see it. Having nothing depicted for the rooftops bothered me somewhat, but I dismissed it entirely as my players proceeded to encounter the metric fuck-ton of stuff that lay underneath the “invisible” rooftops. Honestly, does this castle need more stuff on top of all that it’s got? Hell yes! Now your players can enjoy the view before harpies drop them plummeting to their deaths.

Thinking of the rooftops occurred again near the end of my first campaign. A nest of harpies in a ruined gallery outside the Greater Library threatened to fly off with several characters. Fortunately for them, things did not turn out that way. But if they had, what if had they broken free and cast fly? What then? What if they had climbed out of the broken windows? After that, I was very interested being able to run rooftop capers. Both Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Killers and The Castle of Cogliostro by Hayao Miyazaki feature extensive adventures across steep shingled slopes, and both movies in my opinion are excellent inspiration material for both DMs and players alike.

Now I can sleep at night! Enjoy.

maybe there’s a family of wild dogs living up here

[download] Valley of the Three Rainbows

Castle Xyntillan has many things, but it does not have a map for the Valley of the Three Rainbows! so I drew one myself and added bits from the Tegel Manor region map that seemed interesting. I’ve been using this map and key for a while now while it hasn’t been fully explored, the beach caves and winery did seem some play and worked nicely, I think. The resultant map seems too tiny in detail so i’ll probably revisit it sometime in the future and redraw the whole thing in color, but in the meantime I decided to post what I have.

Here is a 3-page key of the valley, a player’s map, and a gm map. Enjoyy

[download] My Rulebook

After all that’s happened, here it is! The worldwide release, globally exclusive to YOU, right here, right now!
My rulebook Doorknobs & Derring-do, codenamed Sourdough Tea Ritual Edition, is available to download! It’s playtested, mostly!

-> Animal Races, Goblins, Orcs, no elves except Moth Elves
-> Fantastic Headgear
-> Climbing Rules
-> Copied mechanics from the absolutely very best
-> Quests, Gods, Life After Death