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[download] Valley of the Three Rainbows

Castle Xyntillan has many things, but it does not have a map for the Valley of the Three Rainbows! so I drew one myself and added bits from the Tegel Manor region map that seemed interesting. I’ve been using this map and key for a while now while it hasn’t been fully explored, the beach caves and winery did seem some play and worked nicely, I think. The resultant map seems too tiny in detail so i’ll probably revisit it sometime in the future and redraw the whole thing in color, but in the meantime I decided to post what I have.

Here is a 3-page key of the valley, a player’s map, and a gm map. Enjoyy

[download] My Rulebook

After all that’s happened, here it is! The worldwide release, globally exclusive to YOU, right here, right now!
My rulebook Doorknobs & Derring-do, codenamed Sourdough Tea Ritual Edition, is available to download! It’s playtested, mostly!

-> Animal Races, Goblins, Orcs, no elves except Moth Elves
-> Fantastic Headgear
-> Climbing Rules
-> Copied mechanics from the absolutely very best
-> Quests, Gods, Life After Death