[Campaign Journal] Castle Xyntillan, Sessions XI-XV: Stone Statues, Burning Down The Governor’s Mansion, & The Hippogriff Egg

the dreaded Goatrice

Session XI
Adelaide, “knight stientist”
Lou Norman, mad scientist
Astaire “Hester”, wizard
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Bandit, adventurer

Casualties: Adelaide, “knight stientist”

The party examines statues, and finds a secret salt room! Moving on through the dungeon and lighting hallway torches, the party heads upstairs, finding a linen room with a suprised werewolf matron cleaning and folding laundry. A sinister man with a shadow dragging chains tries to attack Bandit, who shoves them into the linen closet and shuts the door. Running back downstairs, the party spends time playing with the mechanical chessplayer in the hall. 6 shambling skeletons creep up the hall and the party attacks. The skeletons bring down Lou and claw attack him, who hits their head pretty hard and almost dies. The skeletons suffer some deaths of their own and retreat back down the hall. The party takes off Lou’s helmet to revive him, which upsets Lou. Heading back to the salt room, Astaire intuits magic about the goat statues and the party pushes one out into the hall. It comes alive, and headbutts Adelaide, turning her stone! Lou is horrified and searches in vain for a solution. The party eventually heads on into a maid’s room, and Astaire finds Olivier Malevol the Oleagineous hanging out in a secret room behind a dresser. Astaire leaves him there, and Lou runs into the room to grill Olivier about stone-turning magic. Olivier gets flustered and eventually loses it, turning into a grey ooze and attacking Lou, who gets knocked out again. At that point the party decides to leave the castle, finding another room with giant mice fighting sheets who are strangling mice. Jamila throws a torch in the room and Bandit nabs a purple silk robe. They escape via boat into the lake, narrowly avoiding the suspicion of the pirate Malevol ghost in the grotto. The party rows across the lake, stashes their boats in a copse of trees, and makes it to the priory on the pass around midnight. Ference the monk takes them in, and lets them rest…
End time: Midnight, Airday

Risky things:
6 skeletons
Gray ooze
Shoving Malevol in linen closet
Lying to pirate Malevol shade

Lou 900 XP
Astaire 700 XP
Tugtar 700 XP
Jamila 700 XP
Bandit 900 XP

Sesssion XII
Day 12-13
Waterday Morning – Earthday Morning
Lou Norman, mad scientist
Astaire, wizard
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Bandit, adventurer

Dawn sets on the Priory of Esilan, and Bandit plays their bugle outside in the sunrise. The party chats with the monks Ferenc, Jarl, and Ursula, (Fishling, Elf, and Eeling, respectively) over cappuccino and hard-boiled eggs, and learn about Esilan, the Keeper of Hours. The party then heads off to Tours-En-Savoy. The weather is sunny with clear skies, and the party comfortably makes it into town a little after nightfall. Lou returns to the Sleeping Snout and checks in with Kelly Bromel about his items in the room he had reserved, to which she informs him that a one-eyed gentleman had came and picked them up days ago. Bandit sets the party up with a room for the night, and Lou, Jamila, and Tugtar retire while Bandit and Astaire go to The Black Comedian to enjoy themselves, and Astaire recognizes a patron from the wanted poster he had found at the castle xyntillan –Claude Malévol! Wistful and in need of a good drinking buddy, Astaire and Bandit hang out and chat for a while about his family and estate. Bandit decides to romance some squirrelings in the back of the bar and follows them upstairs to spend the night, and Astaire drinks a while longer, then heads back to the inn.
The next morning is overcast and a heavy fog has settled into the streets. The party visits Ben Mordechai, who informs the party that Stone-to-Flesh magic would surely be in the Xyntillan libraries, while Geraldina at the hospital could cure a disease over weeks of time if the stricken person was in her care.

XP: Session XP, Carousing

Bandit 110 XP
Rest of party 100 XP

Session XIII
Day 13
Earthday Morning – Afternoon

Lou Norman, mad scientist
Astaire, wizard
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Bandit, adventurer

Astaire has a hangover and eats herring and onion at The Black Comedian – the party joins and eats breakfast – Lou visits Ramses’ grave – the heavy fog dissipates into a cloudy day – Lou talks to Father Brenard about the missing Father Chlodowig now living in Xyntillan – Gets vampire hunting equipment in return – Bandit browses books at the general store – Seemingly out of nowhere, men and women of the town start a riot, complaining about the governor having a mansion while there isn’t even a bulletin board – The party joins the mob –
Bandit: Eyes on the prize! Dethrone the one inside!
The mob is stirred to action and storms the governor’s mansion – Lou and Bandit see an opportunity to see if the governor has a library – Peasants break through the town guards and stream inside – Lou opens a door to a library and a rioting citizen sets fire to the books – Bandit meets the governor Richard Justin Saint-Egreve and his two guards – Bandit sets fire to the drapes and escapes the guards – Lou and Bandit run into the flaming library as the mob takes the second floor – the mob confronts the governor and they cease rioting – attempts to put out the fire fail and everybody begins to flee the mansion – meanwhile, Tugtar meets the winged men – Tugtar pleads for a hippogriff egg – Bandit and Lou steal what books they can before smashing the window and jumping two stories – Lou and Bandit run out of town – the mob is being dispersed and arrested by the town guard – the remaining party rejoins at The Black Comedian – Tugtar buys a hippogriff egg, and talks with the winged men – Bandit hires and leaves instructions for Longo, the Squirreling-at-Arms, to meet at the Priory of Esilan in a few weeks. Next session, the party is going to head west and a rest at the Priory, read some books, and wait for the Hippogriff to hatch…

XP: Session XP, joining a mob, leaping out of a second story window, confronting two guards to set fire to drapes

Bandit 250 XP
Lou 150 XP
Jamila 150 XP
Tugtar 150 XP
Astaire 150 XP

Session XIV
Day 13- Day 25
Tours-En-Savoy, Priory of Esilan

Lou Norman, mad scientist
Astaire, wizard
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Bandit, rabbitling adventurer

Longo, squirreling-at-arms

New Hirelings:
Ysambeau, laborer
Wagner, laborer
Hofstetter, light foot soldier
Frei, light foot soldier

Loot: Lou’s Bag
Sea Warfare – Threat or Menace?
Sailing is Easier Than You Might Think
Sea Tactics – University Edition – College of Brajanopolis
The Contemporary Sailor
Sailboats & Their Construction: A Summary
Touching on Boats – A Radical Perspective
Drama – The Highly Skilled Commander
Drama – The Highly Skilled Commander: The Erotic Edition (false)
How To Raise a Child: For Aspiring Fathers (Orcs) – in Orcish

Bandit’s Bag
Helveczia Royalty – The Malevols: What You’ve Been Missing
Helveczia Royalty – The Cromans: What You’ve Been Missing
Historical Battle – Helveczia: A Revelation
Historical Battle – Gray Elves: Path To The Truth (false story of battle)
Cookbook – Battered copy of Monster Menu-All, falling apart
Boats – Red Book – Ram Goddess’s Ring

Earthday afternoon – Bandit and Lou hide in the woods – the party is approached in the tavern by a radical admirer – Jamila and Astaire discuss politics with the locals – Tugtar is burdened by the egg – Jamila hails the flying men, and strikes a bargain to return the egg – the water brigade attempts to save the governor’s mansion – the party takes one last walk through town – Ben Mordechai asks for help – Lou packs the horse – Ysambeau carries the lanterns and lamp oil – the party chats with a doomsayer – the mansion burns, and the prisoners hope for safety in the stonework – the party rejoins Lou and Bandit at the jutting rock landmark outside town – the party heads off to the Priory of Esilan – they are greeted by Ferenc the monk – the party spends a week at the priory reading various books stolen from the governor’s mansion, and learning various things – Bandit finds a ring in a false book – after breakfast one day, ready to move on, Ysambeau is sent to retrieve Frei and Hofstetter in Tours-En-Savoy and rendezvous with the party at Castle Xyntillan…
Waterday morning

XP: Session XP
100 party XP

Session XV
Day 20-25
Priory of Esilan, Vallée du Ciel Trois, Castle Xyntillan

Lou Norman, mad scientist
Astaire, wizard
Tugtar ‘the Bringer’
Jamila, loving mother, mysterious archer
Bandit, rabbitling adventurer

Longo, squirreling-at-arms
Ysambeau, laborer
Wagner, laborer
Hofstetter, light foot soldier, sharpshooter
Frei, light foot soldier, short sword

The last week of Longrass

Waiting at the Priory – Tugtar and Jamila break in their armor training in the fields – Lou makes potions in his new pocket laboratory – Bandit trains and grooms, sometimes playing his bugle at sunrise – Astaire reads “Helveczian Royalty, The Malevols: What You’ve Been Missing”, and starts drawing a family tree – Astaire complains to Bandit – “What is your drive? What makes you…thump?” – Astaire articulates his distate for vampires – “Is there Bunnicula in the castle?” – Astaire patches Bandit’s purple robe – the robe is animated, mimes their allegiance to Bandit in gratitude for being rescued from the giant mice – Bandit tries to teach writing Roby the purple robe, it scrawls some marks – Tugtar looks wistfully at the window, and perhaps imagines riding the skies up there, on a hippogriff…

The hirelings arrive from Tours-En-Savoy – Jamila laden with sword, bow, shield and armor, asks a hireling to hold their moneypouch – the party heads to the castle, encounters a group leaving the valley with a cart full of looted chairs – they swap stories with Romien, Ophelia and co. on entrances to the castle, and bid each other adieu – the sun shines on the valley as the party descends, the month of Warmshade begins – the party greets their hireling, Longo, squirreling-at-arms, near the gatehouse ruins

Three headless manservants aimlessly tend the vegetable patch in the courtyard beyond – the archers rain arrows down on the servants – one is caught through the armpit and falls lifeless onto a pumpkin – the last headless manservant is ran through by Astaire’s longsword – Astaire cleans the blade on the manservant’s livery – Lou loots the headless body in the vegetable patch – Ambush! – Gilbert Malévol and 15 bandits stand on the ramparts – “Stand and deliver!” – Gilbert wants the party’s stuff – Astaire puts down his sword – Bandit protests – Gilbert readies the arrows – Bandit uses their magic and delivers a vision of an irate and dissappointed Aristide Malévol to Gilbert – Gilbert pleads with an illusion of the family patriach – the party orders Hofstetter and Frei to flee with the cart – two hirelings and the cart are left to their fate in the courtyard – the remaining party runs to the castle – Gilbert shakes the vision, orders fire – a hail of arrows catch Astaire, Ysambeau, and Wagner

Indoors, they make their way south, to one of the libraries – They smell incense…from a basin on a statue’s pedestal – The zombie statue gets toppled by Tugtar – a secret compartment has a shattered jar expiring in the open air – Quizzical looks from everyone in the party – drunken singing down the hall – at the end of the corridor, a mess hall of veteran skeletons, singing old songs and toasting – retreat from the skeletons – through another hall, another door – a serjeant’s room, with a plumed helmet on a writing desk – Tugtar dons a helmet, gauntlets, and greaves found in a chest – A dumbwaiter that leads upstairs is found – doors slam in the distance – Gilbert Malévol and his merry men enter the castle…

XP: 100 sesh xp, casting vision on Gilbert Malévol

Bandit 300 xp
Rest of party 100 xp

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